Lineage Classic 2.0 server

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One of the most popular Lineage 2 chronicles - Classic.

With the best edition from L2EU development team!

Over 224124 players follow US!
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What do we propose

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The best Interlude files!

We use only off-like files on our project. The best tested with time server files!
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Personal Bonus system!

We appreciate every player! So we created referral bonus system and bonuses for each donation!
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Huge advertise budget!

We work with professional advertising agency and we do not spare money to attract new players!
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Unique game concept!

We always try to create new concept for our servers! And every player can take a part in this process!
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Usefull design

We try to improve our site for your comfort. And we are not forgetting about visual design!
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Donation to Project development

Main part of your donations is going to improve our project! We use only best technical equipment and protection!
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24/7 Support help

Our support service is one of the best! We will help you to find answers on all your questions!
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High Protection

All players knows that our servers are very stable. We trust the protection of our project only to professionals!
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We work for our community

Our community is the most valuable part of our server! We create concepts, events and tournaments for your fun!